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Tours by appointment. The museum will be open Saturdays (10 to 4) and Wednesdays (from 5 to 7 p.m.) through December. Admission is free.

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The Sayre Historical Society is open Saturday's from 10 to 4 and Wednesday's from 5 to 7.


CAPTION: Prior History Fair at the grounds of the Sayre Historical Society Museum

On September 5, 2015 from 10 am until 4 pm, the Sayre Historical Society will host the 5th annual history fair at its museum location at 103 S. Lehigh Avenue, Sayre, PA – rain or shine. The Fair will feature displays of treasurers from the past including items of historical significance displayed by Sayre High School Archives, Jim Nobles collection of Sayre souvenirs, history of bead weaving, Bradford County veterans memorabilia, historical books, assorted antique milk bottles, just to name a few. Demonstrations will be offered once again by the Home Tool Textile Museum from Orwell, PA, a flax demonstration as well as a blacksmith demonstration. A “hands on” demonstration on making old-time rag dolls will be for the child in everyone to enjoy and old-time games from days gone by will be available for the children. Returning again this year will be the expanded antique car show for all to enjoy.

New this year, the Boy Scout Troop 4019 will hold a chicken barbeque with all proceeds from the sale benefiting their troop. Chicken halves as well as full dinners including salt potatoes and baked beans will be the special of the day. Once again this year, there will be a “Mystery Item” from the Society’s collection and one lucky visitor will win a prize if he or she can identify the item. As usual, there is no admittance fee for this event or to tour the Sayre Historical Society Museum and the Caboose which will also be open that day; although donations are always appreciated. The Burkhart Gift shop located within the Museum will be open as well with wonderful souvenirs and gifs for all.

The History Fair is also the grand opening of the newest exhibit in the second floor Rotating Exhibit Room entitled “Dave Smith Run” which will open September 5 and continue to the end of the year. More details on this exquisite display are to come.

COME TO THE FAIR and join us for a day filled with fun and entertainment. The Sayre Historical Society is a membership-supported, non-profit historic preservation organization staffed by volunteers, and is a recipient agency of the United Way of Bradford County.

“Sayre’s Days of Old” topic of History Under the Stars program

"History Under the Stars" will take place on Saturday August 22nd beginning at 7PM with music with the actual program beginning at 8PM followed by the Sayre Fireworks.

CAPTION: Sayre’s “lamplighter of long, long ago,” Haight Griswold, will be one of the featured historic images at the first History Under the Stars program at the Sayre Historical Society on Saturday, August 22.

SAYRE - A unique program at the Sayre Historical Society will focus on “Sayre’s Days of Old: Horses, Trolleys and the Old Lamp Lighter,” on Saturday, August 22 from 7 to 9 p.m. Presented by Sayre historian James Nobles, the first History Under the Stars program will be held on the museum grounds in downtown Sayre just prior to the Summer Fireworks display at Riverfront Park.

“The program will include images with commentary of the early days of Sayre as it grew from being an Athens Township hamlet of a little over 700 people in the year 1880 to its boom town growth of over 3,000 people in 1890,” said Nobles.

The program will be displayed outdoors on a large screen affixed to the southern end of the Lehigh Valley Railroad Station. Admission is free and bags of popcorn and bottled water will be available.

“This was a time of horse drawn carriages and wagons being driven on dirt roads,” Nobles said. “Bicycles and walking were prominent and for many people were their only mode of travel. East Lockhart Street ended at the Susquehanna River where a ferryboat was operated, preceding any bridge over the river to Riverside Drive.”

The program will also include many images of the trolley system on its route through Sayre on tracks in the center of the dirt roads. The "gong" of the trolley bell was well-known to the people of Sayre for nearly a half century. Railroading will include the arrival of the very first Black Diamond Passenger Train at the Sayre passenger station in 1896.”

As the sun sets, the program will include images of Sayre’s old streetlights.

“In its early days, Sayre had oil streetlights that required a person to, in the words of an old song, “turn them on when night is near,” and to, “turn them off when dawn is here.” Haight Griswold was Sayre’s “old lamp lighter of long, long ago.” Images will be shown of Haight on his rounds,” Nobles explained.

The program will show the progression of transportation in Sayre from horses, bicycles, Herdic coaches, and steam locomotives, to the trolley cars, and finally automobiles.

“Some of the images will be very familiar as much of the background in the pictures has been preserved and is with us today,” said Nobles.

The History Under the Stars program will include musical entertainment starting at 7. The history program is scheduled to start at 8. Sayre’s fireworks, which will be visible from the station grounds, are set to start at 8: 45 p.m. Blankets and lawnchairs are encouraged for the program.

The Sayre Historical Society is a membership-supported, non-profit historic preservation organization staffed by volunteers. The group is the recipient of United Way funding.

“Molly” featured in Summer Quarterly

SAYRE - Longtime Sayre resident Molly Cacchione is the subject of a feature story in the Sayre Historical Society’s Summer Quarterly. She was born on June 10, 1912 and passed away on December 21, 2014 at the age of 102 after a long life of service.

CAPTION: In this 1948 photograph, Sayre’s Molly Cacchione wears clothing made for her in Armento, Italy, birth place of her mother. Molly is featured in the Sayre Historical Society’s Summer Quarterly publication.

Other items in the summer Quarterly include a photograph of the Class of 1965, an account of the life of Spanish-American War veteran Richard Sherman of Sayre, the conversion to electricity of the Lehigh Valley Railroad’s power house in Sayre, and an unusual find by Kathryn (Alteri) Atkins. She donated to the Sayre museum an LVRR shop employee’s round trip ticket that turned up in a California antique store.

The Quarterly, published four times a year, is mailed to historical society members as part of their membership benefits. Individual copies are available at Carl’s News Stand in Sayre and the historical society museum located in the former Lehigh Valley Railroad Passenger Station in downtown Sayre.

The illustrated feature story, written by Sayre historian James Nobles, covers Cacchione’s life as a daughter of immigrants Bernardo and Anna Marie Cacchione. The biography focuses on her life on the East Side, working at the Belle Knitting mill (later the Blue Swan), faithful church membership in the Epiphany Parish, volunteering at the Robert Packer Hospital and involvement with the Sayre Centennial Committee.

“Molly was one of ten children, all raised in the Church of the Epiphany,” said Nobles. “All were educated in the Sayre public schools, first at the East Side School, just a block away from the Cacchione home, and then at Sayre High School which at that time was east of the ponds on West Lockhart Street. Molly and all her siblings learned their work ethic working in their father’s bakery, in addition to assigned chores within the home under the guidance of Mother Anna Maria. From her very earliest years, conscientious work was part of her life. Another trait taught by their mother was to look for the good in everyone. Molly spent a lifetime doing that.”

Photographs include a nine-year-old Molly when she was a fourth grader at the East Side School, a newspaper photograph from 1965 of a union committee induction ceremony at O’Brien’s Inn, Molly at the Church of the Epiphany, and more.

The Sayre Historical Society is a non-profit historic preservation organization, membership-supported and staffed by volunteers, and a recipient of United Way funding.

The Sayre Historical Society is open Saturdays from 10 to 4 and Wednesdays from 5 to 7. A Genealogy Workshop is scheduled for Saturday, July 25 featuring John Goodenough of Binghamton who will offer tips on researching Civil War ancestors. Pre-registration is required for this free event.

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